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Very simple! Choose the vehicle, select the dates to check availability, and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

pick-up and delivery

You can book at our office, located at 99 Via Pasitea in Positano, or at your hotel or vacation rental.

Free parking

We offer the opportunity to park the vehicle during the rental period at no additional cost.

Discover the wonders of the Amalfi Coast


Visit Pompei

Pompei has origins as ancient as those of Rome, in fact the gens Pompeia descended

Visit Sorrento

The center extends harmoniously over a high tuff terrace, which overlooks the sea from a

Visit Ravello

It is located on a small plateau overlooking Maiori and Minori and enjoys a panoramic

Visit Amalfi

Its foundation is traced back to the Romans. In the 9th century it became one

Visit Positano

Thanks to the mild climate and the beauty of the landscape, Positano has been a

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    • To enter into the contract, you must be 18 years old and hold a valid AM driver’s license or higher. The scooter can be driven by a minor with a valid AM license under the responsibility of the contract signer.
    • You must possess an AM, B, or higher license for a 50cc scooter – A1, B, or higher for a 125cc – A2 or higher for 250/300cc.
    • 2 helmets
    • Top box
    • Lock

    Approved for 2 people, easy to use, comfortable and spacious, equipped with a top box to carry groceries or beach towels.
    SAVES MONEY. Scooter rental prices are affordable and the scooter has low fuel consumption, so you’re helping the environment and your wallet.

    You can put it anywhere, in front of your home or hotel door, in front of your boat, or near the beach. Almost all beach parking spaces are paid, but scooters and motorcycles enjoy a reduced rate or park for free!

    The traffic on the way back from the beaches and during peak hours is always a nuisance, hours spent under the sun in a queue at a stop sign. But with the scooter, you can avoid this and save time to dedicate to other activities.

    The sensation of the air on your face refreshing you, the different scents at every turn, you being the protagonist of what you experience rather than just a mere spectator behind a glass where the world passes by you, the two wheels always give you unique sensations!

    Our scooter rental service in Positano offers the ‘Driver’ service. You will have the opportunity to visit the most charming places on the coast accompanied by one of our staff members.