1) This hire vehicle’s contrae! shall be deemed at the time of signature of the customer, who declares to have received a copy. This agreement is exclusively governed by the terms and conditions put on it, which will be accepted and which may be done only after a written agreement between the parties. For ali the matters not included in the contrae!, it will be applied the Civil Code and other rules.

2) Payment must be done after the delivery of the vehicle and includes: motor vehicle liability insurance, unlimited mileage and in the case of rental motorcycle or moped also includes top box, helmet and windscreen insurance does not include fuel, parking and tolls highways.

3) The customer declares that he has previously examined the vehicle required to hire and found it in excelientcondition, fuliy functional in ali its parts, with a full tank of fuel or as otherwise indicateci in the box, with the equipment and ali documents required by law for road use in ltaly, with a valici insurance policies. lf the vehicle is damaged in anyway, the costumer must say it to the hirer. lt is prohibited to the customer to make changes to the vehicle.

4) The rental vehicle must be returned in the hour and the day agreed. In the case of late return 30 minutes after the time agreed, there will be a € 20,00 fee for each part of hour dallied. In any case, the customer wili always be held responsible for the custody and preservation of the vehicle even in the time in excess of the contractual term. At the end of the lease the vehicle must be returned by the customer in the same condition in which it was received, except for normai wear and tear associateci with its proper use. Any expenses for the repair of damage, will be charged by the hirer to the customer.

5) The hirer reserves the right to verify the state of the rental vehicle at the end of the contract with in fifteen days from the date of actual delivery. Within that period, if the hirer kinds any damage or malfunctions attributable to willful misconduct or negligence of the customer, is required to notify the latter in writing and made to bear ali the expenses of expertise.

6) Small maintenance operations and relateci materials are charged to the customer, which must be of the types prescribed by the manufacturers; repair of wear or damage due to negligence, to misuse, or overuse is charged to the costumer.

7) The fees of the rented vehicle for the peri od of the lease are charged to the costumer. In case of notification of reports describing the violations of the rules of the Highway Code, it will be given to the hirer the sum of € 10.00 for processing practice.

8) The rented vehicle may be driven only by the customer or other persons identified fully in the contract. Ali persons authorized to use the rented vehicle must be in possession of the requirements and qualification required by ltalian law for driving, as well as identity document or valici passport. The hirer has the sole right to not consider suitable for the use and guidance of the vehicle the person who is not in possession of proven legai requirements. lt is absolutely forbidden to drive the vehicle without a license, suspended or expired license, as weli as driving while intoxicated and / or under the influence of drugs. lt will be charged to the customer ali the consequences, including the seizure of the vehicle. The customer will be charged for the costs arising from the arrest and / or seizure of the vehicle subsequent to such violations, to pay compensation for more damage.

9) The client agrees to the custody of the vehicle. The requirement for such custody is also extended to the keys and devices on/ o_ of the vehicle. He is obliged to monitor and take action promptly for verification and the preservati on of the good state of maintenance and operati on of the vehicle.

10) In case of loss, theft, _re or damage to the vehicle and / or accessories that come with it, the customer is obliged to immediately notify the hirer, and to report the matter to the nearest competent authorities. The customer is obliged to live the copy of the complaint within 12 hours to the hirer. lf the customer loses the rented vehicle he will pay the commerciai value of it, subject to the deduction of any sum paid by the insurance of the hirer.

11) In case of loss of the documents of the rented vehicle will be charged to the customer a fee of € 260.00.

12) The customer takes from the moment of pick-up and return to the full and exclusive responsibility for any damage that may be caused to persons, animals or property from the use or possessi on of the vehicle itself.

13) In case of accident which involves the rented vehicle is the obligation of the customer to collect ali the information of the other vehicle or other vehicles, such as the kind of vehicle, plate number, insurance and demographic information of other vehicles.
The customer will be charged for any negative consequences resulting from the failure to ful_l this obligation.

14) The customer has the obligation to be always available for the duration of the rental at the telephone numbers listed in this contrae!.

15) The customer must wear the helmet provided by the hirer.

16) For any home deliveries will be charged the fare of € 5.00 within the territory of Positano and Praiano and € 15.00 in other territories.

17) The customer will have no refund in case of a accident caused by him or a third parties.

18) The customer has to keep a copy of this contrae! and the documents delivered by the hirer and to show them in during any contrai of the competent authorities. lf the customer fails this obligation, he will be liable to pay any expenses.

19) The insurance covers damage caused by the use of the vehicle to a third party, things, people, and animals. The driver of the vehicle is not covered by the insurance policy for damage to their person in case of an accident. lnsurance policies do not apply
in cases of theft, robbery, _re of the rented vehicle.

20) The customer acknowledges that he has provided to the hirer his true identity and useful to identify himself. He also declares that ali documents delivered to the hirer are authentic and originai or copies of the originai and in the course of validity.

21) Any dispute relating to the application of this contrae! shall be settled exclusively by the competent Court of Salerno, detached section of Amalfi.